5 minutes English pronunciation lesson (video).

Here’s a 5-minute video to help you or your students understand when to use each of the three different ways to pronounce the -ed at the end of verbs in the past simple tense. I hope this is helpful!  CLICK ON IMAGE BELOW TO BEGIN VIDEO.

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When learning a new language we’re always quickly made aware that one of the hardest challenges will be pronunciation. The sounds in the new language can be very different from our native language and sometimes seem impossible to replicate. The best way to improve your pronunciation is to listen to native speakers. It’s not always possible to find native speakers which is why we’re often advised to watch movies or listen to songs.

There’s no doubt that English is now the international language of many fields like science and politics. The whole point of learning English is to be able to communicate with English speakers. If you have a thick accent or pronounce your words wrong then this might lead to misunderstandings. I tell my students that I’m not looking to change their accents because in reality accents aren’t important. I mean the differences between the British accents (there are many!) and South African or American or Australian are sometimes astonishing. Accents aren’t important, being understood is. Sometimes simple rules can help you with your pronunciation.

In this short video we explain the different ways to pronounce the -ed ending at the end of verbs in the past simple tense. In five minutes you’ll improve your pronunciation in a way you didn’t think was possible.

If you are a teacher, we strongly advise you to show this video to your students. Don’t heistate to share this page and to comment! See you soon for another 5 minutes English!



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