Finance your English training and linguistic holiday with the Compte Personnel de Formation (CPF)!

Since its creation, the personal training account has enabled you to benefit from professional training programs, paid or compensated, followed during or outside your working time.

At Speak English Center, our CPF-eligible courses allow you to learn English freely during or outside your working hours. Recognized for our flexibility on our training schedules, we meet your needs through face-to-face one-to-one courses, group courses, an innovative e-learning platform, as well as distance learning by phone or Skype.

Who has CPF rights?

Currently, you can use your CPF rights if you are:

  • 16 years of age or older (or 15 years of age if you have signed an apprenticeship contract);
  • employees under private law employment contracts;
  • in a contrat de sécurisation professionnelle (CSP);
  • looking for a job, registered or not at Pôle emploi;
  • hosted in an establishment, service and employment aid service

How to benefit from it?

The use of the CPF is the sole initiative of the beneficiary, it is not mandatory to obtain the agreement of your employer to use your CPF. To find out the amount of your rights acquired under the CPF, register or connect to the website

End of CPF training: passing of BULATS and TOEIC

Speak English Center is a certified TOEIC and BULATS certification body within the framework of the CPF. The Toeic and Bulats tests allow you to assess your level of business English and promote it, for example, to companies and recruiters. These tests are internationally recognized.

Linguistic holidays

You can use your CPF to carry out a linguistic immersion trip to one of our 10 destinations: London, Dublin, Toronto, Edinburgh, Bath, Oxford, Malta, Worthing (England), Leads (England) & Harrogate (England).

Contact us for more information.

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