(English) Can Music REALLY Improve Your English? How Does It Work?

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April is an e-marketing specialist, English instructor and freelance writer living in Grenoble, France.
  1. Jeremy Répondre

    I love using music to teach and learn languages:) So much of learning a language is really just exposure. When I first taught in Russia, I noticed that the students who loved music were faster than the other students. Personally, I remember when I first moved to South Korea, I would listen to Korean pop music all day long. I only actively studied an hour or so a day, but the constant exposure sped my progress along.


    • admin Répondre

      Isn’t that amazing though? I think that when you do something in a fun way you’re just bound to succeed in it. Learning a language through music is a fun way to do it I think.

  2. Susan Brodar Répondre

    I not only use songs in classes, but teach younger children by putting sentence ‘chunks’ to tunes so they learn them really easily! Music is very powerful!

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