New Year’s Resolution: Take the 2015 English Challenge!

ResolutionLike millions of people around the world, maybe you are making some New Year’s Resolutions this week.

“New Year’s Resolutions” are a list of goals we make at the beginning of each year. And, also like millions of people, maybe one thing on your list of resolutions for 2015 is “Learn English”. Right?

But HOW? Where do you begin?

Here at Speak English Center, we have just the thing you need! We have created this great list of “New Year’s English Resolutions” that are sure to boost your language level—but only if you commit to it!

Do you think you can follow these simple goals…all year long?!

We dare you to take The 2015 English Language Challenge! :

1.  Listen to correct English at least 30 minutes every day! With today’s technology, this is one method that has become very easy to do. Podcasts, music, You Tube videos, radio documentaries, children’s stories, interviews with your favorite celebrity, or any other audio made by native English speakers is perfect for this passive activity you can do at home while you are cooking or doing some other activity.

2.  Sign up for an e-learning course! The latest in language learning, e-learning offers specialized online training available 24 hours a day, for less than 1 euro per day! Reading, speaking, listening and grammar are all part of our e-learning course, and includes a personal instructor who follows your progress. Affordable and convenient, this is the future of English lessons!

3.  Watch a movie or television program in English (with English subtitles)—at least once a week! Whether it’s a big Hollywood production, the latest British series, or a popular animated film for kids that you already know by heart, this activity combines listening and reading in the context of conversations and events that we watch on the screen. Use DVDs to select your language for audio and subtitles, or you can use the internet to stream or legally download films and series.

4.  Set your tech life to English! Switch the language settings to English on your mobile phone, tablet, mp3 player, laptop computer, office computer, and any other technology you love to use. And don’t forget your accounts on Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and any other networks you use. Why? After only a few days, you will acquire all the technical vocabulary native speakers use today—in English!

5.  Plan a holiday to an English speaking location! Reward yourself for completing the English Language Challenge by taking a vacation! You can practice your English with real people in the real world when you visit an international city or a English-speaking country. When you blend in with the natives, you’ll be speaking English faster than you think!

These goals might sound easy at first, but many students find it difficult to continue for longer than a couple of weeks. Of course taking English lessons with a native speaker is also a great way to improve your level of English, as our students and teachers can tell you. But it takes dedicated practice every day to see a real improvement in a short time.


Are you planning to improve your English in 2015?

Do you think you are up for the “English Challenge”?

Share your progress and experience with us in the comments!

We love to hear what you think about learning English!

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April is an e-marketing specialist, English instructor and freelance writer living in Grenoble, France.
  1. mamdouh Reply

    Thanks for your efforts. that’s true also learning english takes a long time.

  2. Cary Reply

    Try to find an English-speaking friend, penfriend or contact on Skype!

    Read simplified English readers, every day!

    Practise writing e-mails, with a native English speaker who can help you with any ambiguities!

    Keep a notebook for all new words and phrases you meet. Review it regularly!

    Learn the lyrics of English songs and SING!!

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