Comparative adjectives : Grammar Lesson

Comparative adjectives

Comparative adjectives

Comparative Adjectives


This grammar lesson will teach you how to correctly use the comparative adjectives! Superiority adjectives have a simple rule, they only change according to their lengh. Short adjectives end with -er (short = shorter) and the word « more » is added to the long adjectives (beautiful = more beautiful).

However, the equality and the inferiority adjectives have an easier structure. The adjectives don’t changes wathever the adjective used. For equality, we use « as » (as smart), and for inferiority we use « less » (less talkative).


Thanks to this grammar lesson, you will be able to use the comparative adjectives correctly whenever you want !


You can now test your understanding with this exercice about comparative adjectives :

The black dress is _____ the red one (“elegant”, superiority)

Obelix is _____ Asterix. (“fast”, equality)

Your bag is ____ mine (“big”, superiority)

He is _____ his brother (“intelligent”, inferiority)


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